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Ridge Runner U1000 48v Ripper XL Big Kids Ride On UTV w/ Rubber Tires, Off Road Kids Gokart, Kids Quad, Kids 4 Wheelers (Pink)

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The 2023 Ridge Runner UTV is a high-quality, off-road machine for kids. It is powered by a 48V, 1000-watt brushless motor that provides more power and speed, with a top speed of 15 MPH. The UTV is equipped with a high-capacity battery that provides longer runtime and greater efficiency per charge.

Parents can rest assured during playtime with the go-kart's safety belt and hydraulic disk brakes, which provide superior stopping power. The UTV is designed for rugged use, with rugged rubber pneumatic tires, a high-tensile steel tube frame, and welded steel overhead protection bars. The speed limiter can be adjusted to 15, 11, or 8 miles per hour, making it suitable for younger riders.

The U1000 features front and reverse gears, as well as a variable speed foot pedal that allows the rider to control their speed by pressing hard or soft on the pedal. There is also a speed switch with three settings that can be controlled by a parental key to limit the speed for younger riders. This UTV is suitable for kids up to approximately 165 pounds and comes in a range of fun colors and prints. It is the perfect off-road machine for your young one.

Off-road capabilities:

The Bowen U1000 48V Ripper XL is designed for off-road adventures, with rubber tires that provide excellent traction on various terrain types, including dirt, mud, and gravel.

Electric power:

This ride-on UTV is powered by a 48V electric motor that provides a quiet and efficient ride, making it an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

Safety features:

The Bowen U1000 48V Ripper XL comes equipped with safety features, including a seatbelt and a parental speed control that allows adults to limit the vehicle's speed and ensure a safe and controlled ride.

Spacious design:

The UTV's spacious design can accommodate two riders, making it perfect for siblings or friends who want to ride together.

Durable construction:

The Bowen U1000 48V Ripper XL is built with a sturdy steel frame and features a design that is sure to appeal to kids who love the outdoors.

Fun and engaging:

This ride-on UTV is a fun and engaging way for kids to explore the great outdoors and develop their coordination and spatial awareness skills.

More Information
Motor 1000 Watt Electric Brushless Motor
Max Speed 8-15 MPH
Speed Setting: 3 speed settings (8MPH, 11MPH, 15MPH)
Charging Time 6-8 hours
Startermode Electric Start
Charger Yes
Headlights Yes
Parental Control: Three-speed parental limit-lock function (8MPH, 11MPH, 15MPH)
Final Drive Chain Drive
Front Suspension Spring, Inverted
Rear Suspension Coil Shock Non-Adjustable Preload
Front Brake Disc Brake
Rear Brake Disc Brake
Weight Capacity 165lbs
Dimension 59" x 35" x 38"
Ground Clearance 8.26 inches
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